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Michael Doret

Michael Doret is a Los Angeles based graphic designer, lettering artist, illustrator and type designer. He has designed album covers for Kiss, the logo for the Graphic Artists Guild and the New York Knicks, and five of his Time Magazine covers are in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery in Washington.

Michael was kind enough to allow me to test drive a few of his script typefaces for this article. In order to provide broader context, I used Doret’s Steinweiss Script, Dynascript and Metroscript in combination with typefaces from other foundries. Lists of all the typefaces used are below.

Steinweiss Script
Tashen Publishing comissioned Michael Doret to create Steinweiss Script based on the famous calligraphy of Alex Steinweiss. In addition to being credited as the inventor of the modern album cover, Steinweiss was also responsible for helping to launch the career of prolific album designer Jim Flora. Flora was promoted to Art Director when Steinweiss enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1943. Steinweiss died earlier this year at age 94. I recommend listening to Steven Heller’s interview with NPR’s Robert Siegel commerating the life of Alex Steinweiss. Heller is also the author of “Alex Steinweiss: Creator of the Modern Album Cover” which has Doret’s Steinweiss Script on the cover.

Steinweiss Script

 | Stencil Regular | Futura Bold

Sketch for Steinweiss Script by Michael Doret

Metroscript is a beautiful script typeface based on Doret’s lettering work and popular lettering styles from the 1920s through the 1950s. Leveraging OpenType technology, Metroscript contains various ligatures, swashes, alternates, foreign accented characters and tails.

Metroscript | Trade Gothic Bold Condensed | Clarendon Bold

Sketch for Metroscript by Michael Doret

Inspired by mid-century diner signage, Dynascript is full of nostalgic charm. Each letter is heavier at the top than at the bottom, which is unusual in typeface design. This top heaviness was referred to as “Zip-Top” by Photo-Lettering. Dynascript consists of both a script and non-connecting italic. This is a particularly unique feature of Dynascript.

Dynascript | Agency Black

Sketch for Dynascript by Michael Doret



  1. Alexa Rae says:

    I love the fun, vintage feel of this typeface.

  2. Chloe says:

    I agree with Alexa, the late 40s/early 50s feel of these designs is palpable. There’s a real call today for nostalgic designs in printing.

  3. I love seeing the sketches before the typeface design. I teach typography and this will be nice to show my typography students.

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