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Behind the Scenes with Okay Type

Okay Type

Final logotype

Previous to the current masthead I was using a really bad logotype that I made in college from parts of an unfinished font. It was fat, clumsy, and just not very sophisticated. At the time I was working on a clean and simple redesign for the Okay Type website and marketing materials. I decided to contrast the minimalism with a fancy new script logo.

The process was pretty straight forward. I began with loosely drawn pencil sketches on vellum, focusing primarily on structure – exploring basic shapes, how things connect and flourishes. (Sketches A-C)

Okay Type

Sketch A

Okay Type

Sketch B

Okay Type

Sketch C

Eventually I has happy enough with the design to scan it. I started vectorizing it by making a skeleton path in Illustrator ( Sketches D-F ), just following the structure of the strokes.

Okay Type

Sketch D

Okay Type

Sketch E

Okay Type

Sketch F

During a couple of quick rounds of second guessing and editing the vectors, I jotted down some notes. (Sketch G)

Okay Type

Sketch G

Then I copied the skeleton paths to Fontlab to draw the actual letters. Sketch H is a very early Fontlab drawing. You can see how I’m starting to build out the strokes.

Okay Type

Sketch H

After a dozen rounds of drawing, editing and testing everything is looking good enough to me to stop working on it. (Sketch I)

Okay Type

Sketch I

Note from the editor: Year one for Okay Type has been incredible. The first Okay Type release, Alright Sans, has been met with tremendous enthusiasm. MyFonts named Alrights Sans “the most successful workhorse sans-serif of 2009” and included it among the MyFonts Top 10 Fonts of 2009. Additionally I Love Typography listed Alright Sans among the ILT favorites of 2009. Okay Type has rapidly become known for san-serif innovation. Always ambitious, Okay Type founder and type designer Jackson Cavanaugh created a beautiful script masthead in the tradition of Doyald Young. Thanks Jackson for providing us with a behind the scenes look at your process. To see the new masthead in context and buy some great fonts be sure to visit – Ty



  1. I’ve always wanted to dabble with creating a font, however, it would seem that dabbling wouldn’t do any work I create justice, from your description above :)

  2. It’s fun to see the progression take place.

  3. Doug Sheets says:

    I love it when process is posted, it makes the end result much more appreciated I think. Beautiful logotype, understated by the name.

  4. SEO says:

    thanks for sharing the work-in-progress :D
    it’s inspiring when I saw how it’s work and done

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