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Eighth Day of Christmas Type

easy mind

easy mind

Mutual of Omaha ad

Mutual of Omaha ad

With hairline thins and Didot-like terminals, this casual lettering utilizes a tall x-height to strike a friendly tone. The irregular baseline feels balanced in the word “easy”, however the baseline serifs in “mind” are too noticeably misaligned.



  1. Very nice. I love those old ads. Do you think that’s custom lettering, or do you know if there’s a similar font out there?

  2. Ty Wilkins says:

    As a general rule of thumb headlines from this era are custom lettering because the range of script typefaces available were limited. This example is custom lettering. I don’t know of a corresponding font off hand, though I’ll have to see what I can find.

  3. Fred wallin says:

    “things go better with..”. What ever happened to that hairline font. I think it epitomizes the optomism of the 60s.

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