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Barış Sarhan

Grafik Tasarim is the leading graphic design magazine in Turkey providing design news, research and educational articles. Turkish art director Barış Sarhan was approached by Grafik Tasarim to design the cover for the March 2009 “graphic design education” issue. With this theme in mind, Barış researched the fundamentals of graphic design, which led him to type. Rather than illustrate the anatomy of typography in the standard way, Barış collaborated with artist Ahmet Eken to produce a lowercase “a” with human-like muscles and vertebrae exposed. The image is a composite of items built by hand and 3D computer generated images created with Maya and ZBrush. They have plans to make a scale model of the image to send to graphic design departments at various schools in Turkey. Barış works for Medina Turgul DDB in Istanbul and graduated with a Fine Art degree from Marmara University.

Cover of Grafik Tasarim Magazine

Cover of Grafik Tasarim Magazine



  1. Salvador Leal linked to this article saying, “Creo que ya les había platicado que, desde hace algunos años me he vuelto fan de la tipografía. Más que fan, soy un ‘amateur’ en el sentido original de la palabra. Hoy vi esta portada de revista y me superhiperrayó.”

  2. wow, i never thought i would meet another person with the same second name as mine. I never have. And ontop of that he’s involved in the same industry.

    cool A

  3. liquid06 says:

    I always thought of manipulation of typographic characters against the original designer’s work as a human-induced cosmetic torture for the letterform. If letters could move and modify their shapes independently within a range of motion, as humans can with their own bodies, my impression of the role of the designer shifts from precise aesthetic, to functional grace. How would you design a letter for motion?

  4. Thursday linked to this article saying, “Sooooooo ill!”

  5. Please Don’t Pause linked to this article:

  6. Paul Paul says:

    I’d design the letters in a way that they could procreate with one another.

    Nine months after alphabet sex the female characters i.e. a,b,d,o,p,q, etc would give birth to random character forms of the same typeface. Gotta keep it in the family.

  7. Street Anatomy linked to this article saying, “I love this picture. It’s a well done design of the possible anatomy of the ‘a’ letter.”

  8. Quando o Design Jaeh linked to this article saying, “The big surprise was the dissection of the letter as if it were an organ of the human body, with muscles and vertebrae… (translated from Portuguese)”

  9. Garik says:

    Superb! Whos work is this?

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