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I scanned this scrawled hand lettering from my 12-year-old cousin’s name tag at a family gathering. He wasn’t trying to create anything unique, but I found the result interesting. Perhaps similar lettering would be appropriate for a horror flick.





  1. Andrew Pryde says:

    I would say more oriental / martial arts but its really great. Someone should finish it off and release the font if they can be bothered.


  2. Gonzalo says:

    I agree on the horror flick! I’m loving the H :D

  3. brian Miller says:

    You should encourage Nathan to bust out the rest of the alphabet. Offer to pay him half and get the font built as a headline face. He’d get paid and get started on a promising career perhaps. Maybe this experience could be a giant positive step in this 12 yr. old’s future somehow-?

  4. Rina Miele says:

    HA! I agree about the horror flick… but… what does this say about Nathan? hehe

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