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New Letters and Lettering

New Letters and Lettering features amazing hand lettering designed by Paul Carlyle and Guy Oring. Published in 1943, this book served as a practical field manual for professional sign painters. This sample is categorized as “Old Fashioned Upper Case” and is one of numerous beautiful examples.

New Letters and Lettering

New Letters and Lettering

Hand Lettering Detail

Hand Lettering Detail



  1. Billee D. says:

    Wow…quite beautiful. Thanks for giving me my type fix today. :-)

  2. Ryan says:

    Where can I find this font, or one similar. It’s gorgeous!

  3. Ty Wilkins says:

    Hi Ryan – This particular sample is of hand lettering so no corresponding font exists to my knowledge. I have posted your question on Typophile and perhaps the international type community can help you find an existing font with a similar feel. You can track the Typophile discussion here:
    Cheers, Ty

  4. Dan Gayle says:

    >>From Typophile

    Do you have a higher resolution scan of those letters? We might have some type designers interested in digitizing it.

  5. Luke Bott says:

    Great find Ty!

    Man this is beautiful hand lettering and I would like to see it as a font out there for use! Not sure about digitizing it though. I would like someone to go in there and really craft it out. Perhaps build a bigger family and fix some of the line weights.

  6. Phrostbyte says:

    >>From Typophile

    New Letters and Lettering, is that the title of the book. If that is only a sample, it must be a real gem.

  7. Ty Wilkins says:

    If there is a professional type designer interested in developing an original typeface inspired by this sample I would be more than happy to share some higher resolution scans. It would be a shame however to simply digitize the original and call it a day. I think it’s possible to honor the original without plundering the hard work of Paul Carlyle and Guy Oring.

  8. Ty Wilkins says:

    Phrostbyte – Correct, “New Letters and Lettering” is the name of the book. An image of the cover can be seen here.

  9. Ryan says:

    Thanks for your follow up Ty. I’m about to start designing my wedding invitations and think this could be amazing.

  10. Ty Wilkins says:

    Carmen from TypeRepublic is a nice face with similar traits.

  11. JRabdau says:

    Sometimes I forget how much I love great type. Really elegant. Thanks for posting this.

  12. visualguy says:

    It’s so elegant ! Good job doing forms.

  13. Mark says:

    Ty. I am interested in developing this font. Would it be possible to get your scans?
    Regards, Mark

  14. Emil says:

    Here’s a related face that you all might like:

  15. cookie says:

    I have the book “new letters and lettering” by Carlyle & Oring for sale. Contact me if interested.

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