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Jessica Hische Letterpress

Jessica Hische has just unveiled her new letterpressed business cards, a first-rate combination of printing and design. Jessica has framed her self identity logo with an ornamental border since her work was previously featured on Type Theory, which works extremely well in letterpress.

Jessica Hische's Letterpressed Business Card

Jessica Hische's Letterpressed Business Card



  1. JP says:

    I hope she is making loads of cash, because that card has to cost at least $2 a piece. Beautiful and well done, but expensive.

  2. suzi says:

    Beautiful cards and I agree with JP, they must be expensive but then again, a piece of art to present your business with is not a bad idea.

  3. Whitnee says:

    They cost her 1.5 a piece for 200. She did the labor herself.

    the break down of cost and process

    It fits her!

  4. Whitnee says:


    $.60 a piece…I thought she only made 200. She made 500!

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