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Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord is a talented young artist and designer from Zelenograd, Russia near Moscow. His work is full of intricate details and elaborate hand lettering. The fact that so much of his work is by hand is refreshing. His lettering for Narani Kannan is rendered with Sakura Micron pens and a white gel pen on brown craft paper. Maxwell transforms the walrus mascot of Upper Playground, a San Francisco based urban clothing company, with a cloak of lettering. His typography for State of Rhyme, an upcoming hip-hop site, is rendered with gel pens on paper. More of Maxwell Lord’s work can be found at



Upper Playground

Upper Playground

State of Rhyme

State of Rhyme



  1. Luke says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this Ty!

  2. Surf Garden says:

    Surf Garden linked to this article.

  3. Doug Sheets says:

    Beautiful work, very ornate.

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