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The Thrill is Back

Close-up of thrill

Close-up of thrill

The evocative hand lettered headline steals the show in this ad for Vitality shoes. The artist left his signature, so we know his name is McCullough. I presume that he created the entire ad, including the hand lettering, though I’m not sure. I could easily see “thrill” framed hanging on the wall. The halftones and paper texture combine perfectly with the spontaneous upright script. I found this ad at the antique store, though more of McCullough’s ads can be found online at the Mississippi Pack Ratz and Go Antiques.

Vitality Shoes Ad

Vitality Shoes Ad



  1. The Ad Mad says:

    Amazing find!

    It’s so nice to find this kind of things from the pre-computer era.

  2. deanna says:

    What a wonderful example of hand-lettering. I can only imagine the sketches … lovely.

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