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Designer Alex Haigh of Nottingham, England recently launched a new type foundry entitled HypeForType. Acclaimed designers Si Scott and Alex Trochut have both released exclusive typefaces through HypeForType: Hunter and Neo Deco respectively. Alex Haigh runs the studio Thinkdust and dreamed-up the idea of HypeForType out of a desire for high quality affordable typefaces. Alex […]

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Joshua Distler

Designer Joshua Distler resides in Brooklyn and is the founder of Shift type foundry and Live Surface template library. Prior to going solo, he worked for IDEO, Metadesign, Studio Dumbar, Wolf Ollins and Apple. Thanks to Brian Miller and Elisabeth Owens for the tip.

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Charles of the Ritz

This 1953 ad for the cosmetics brand Charles of the Ritz features two of my favorite hallmarks of golden age advertising: illustration and hand lettering. While this illustration is not spectacular, the hand lettered logo for Charles of the Ritz is a true gem. Revlon eventually acquired the Charles of the Ritz brand which was […]

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Hire Ed

After seeing Blanca Gómez’s cover illustration for the first issue of Uppercase Magazine, I decided to order the first issue. It arrived in the mail just a couple of days ago and I can officially say that Uppercase Magazine is a well-designed and engaging magazine. Native Canadian Ed Nacional has a witty typographic project featured […]

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Walking on Water Meters

I snapped these shots recently while taking a stroll through Wichita’s Old Town district. Despite the fact that the last water meter cover says “Wabash, Indiana”, all the photos were taken in Wichita. The first two examples have the same design and the forth and fifth examples use the same typeface for “Water Meter.” Which […]

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Letterhead Fonts

• View behind-the-scenes sketches from the new remarkably ornate Letterhead Fonts website.

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Duffy & Partners – 25 Years of Logos

In celebration of 25 years of business, Minneapolis based Duffy & Partners has created a gallery showcasing logos from 1984 to the present. Of the 151 logos displayed in their online gallery, I selected 24 that use type to great advantage. Whether it’s a “T” for a bolt, a “P” nested in the negative space […]

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HOW Magazine Top 10

• HOW Magazine selected Type Theory as a “Top 10 Site for Designers.”

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Ken Barber Interview

Ken Barber Illustration

Welcome to Type Theory! For our inaugural interview I am pleased to present Ken Barber of House Industries. Enjoy!

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in 1994, Ken Barber moved to New York where he worked for various graphic design firms. In 1996 he joined House Industries in Yorklyn, Delaware full-time. Ken has been involved in everything at House including illustration, layout, copywriting and type design. His work has been recognized by the Type Directors Club, The Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and numerous international design publications. Ken is also a frequent guest lecturer at design conferences, including the HOW Design Conference, where he conducts lettering workshops. He teaches typography and lettering with Ben Kiel at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and University of Delaware.

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Barış Sarhan

Grafik Tasarim is the leading graphic design magazine in Turkey providing design news, research and educational articles. Turkish art director Barış Sarhan was approached by Grafik Tasarim to design the cover for the March 2009 “graphic design education” issue. With this theme in mind, Barış researched the fundamentals of graphic design, which led him to […]

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• Check-out the newly redesigned Typographica.

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General Electric Radios Ad

What I love about this General Electric Radios ad from 1951 is that it was created by hand. From the vibrant illustrations to the hand lettered headlines, this ad exudes personality and originality. The brush lettering for “RADIOS” relates to contemporary typefaces including Bello from Underware and House Showcard from House Industries’ Sign Painter font […]

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Top Ten Typographic Weblogs

• Eye Magazine named Type Theory among the top ten typographic weblogs.

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Google Maps Typography

Rhett Dashwood has spent his spare time from October 2008 to April 2009 searching Google Maps in hopes of discovering land formations and buildings resembling letterforms. These are the typographic landscapes he has spotted in Victoria, Australia. Rhett works as the Director of Wade in Melbourne, Australia and is the founder of the online creative […]

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WSJ Interviews Comic Sans Creator

• Vincent Connare, the creator of Comic Sans, graduated in 2003 with a master’s degree in type design at the University of Reading and now works for Dalton Maag in London. His typeface Magpie is rather respectable.

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I scanned this scrawled hand lettering from my 12-year-old cousin’s name tag at a family gathering. He wasn’t trying to create anything unique, but I found the result interesting. Perhaps similar lettering would be appropriate for a horror flick.

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